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Bridging Strength, Science, and Wellness

Physical Therapy

Specialized treatments to diagnose and improve pain, range of motion or strength. We also provide expertise in health care needs centered around pain, dysfunction, pregnancy and post-partum conditions.

Data Analysis Lab

Our lab is equipped with research-level data measuring equipment like instrumented gait analysis and motor activation tools, designed to identify weak points, track recovery, and measure gains.

Strength Training Facility

We provide expert guidance to individuals interested in developing stronger, more robust bodies. A large emphasis is placed on core powerlifting and strongman movements.

An Expert team

With over 35 years of patient care & clinical experience. We’re all about helping people recover from their injuries, quickly and effectively.

Our team is composed of highly trained experts in physical therapy and athletic training dedicated to accelerating your physical rehab.

Hey Runners!

We’re working on the first consumer-grade device to help runners identify running form deficiencies and signs of fatigue while running, allowing runners to adjust training before injury.

Check out the video to hear from Dr. Richard Taylor and Dr. Sean Roach about their bright vision for the future of runners.

Hear what people say about us

Feedback from patients, athletes, and researchers who have used the facility.
“I came to Emergence PT to meet with Sean and see if he could help. I had torn a chest muscle that I thought couldn’t be repaired. Sean took the time to tell me how he would approach treatment for my injury and even went as far to tell me I could come back stronger and more stable then before the injury.”
Dan Higgins
“Emergence physical therapy is an experience like no other. It’s a combination of next level technology with a top of the line team. The Emergence team honors all levels of experience. Highly recommend to anyone trying to recover from an injury, prepare for a competition or just need help reaching their goals.”
Jimmy Clark
“A new hidden gem in Redmond, this place has some of the top equipment that you won't find anywhere else. The treatment you get here is unlike any other PT clinic I've ever been to. They really look at the body as an interconnected system and put such a high importance on strength, form, and quality care.”
Kristen França

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