Data Analysis Lab

Our lab is equipped with the latest research-level tools to identify inefficient form, weak points, track recovery and measure gains. We are one of a handful of private clinics in the country to incorporate a data lab of this magnitude as part of our everyday process.

The Lab

Our facility uses state-of-the-art biomechanics equipment to help in the evaluation and program design of each individual. This includes the use of 3D video capture, force plate with vector analysis and electromyography.

The use of these tools is guided by exceptionally educated staff whose backgrounds include physics, biomechanics, biochemistry and functional anatomy.

The Emergence team wants to put their patients in control of their own bodies. This starts with the knowledge of what’s negatively affecting their physicality in the first place. We will work with you to take the data recorded here to build a game plan designed to get you back to having the positive relationship with your body you deserve.

  • Empowering patients to understand their physical condition and take control of their bodies
  • Collaborative approach to use recorded data in developing personalized recovery plans
  • Expert staff with backgrounds in physics, biomechanics, biochemistry, and functional anatomy

The Tools

Our primary data collection equipment is instrumental in aiding your injury recovery process.

3d Motion Capture

Our 360-degree motion capture system continuously records your movement in 3D, enabling us to replay your movements while exercising from any angle. We use this to help analyze your form and technique, from running strides to weight lifting.

Force Plate

Our force place precisely measures the changes in force you exert on the ground (such as when running, lifting, or jumping) in real-time. We help you use the feedback from this system to improve your form and learn how to prevent injury.

Surface EMG

Our surface electromyography system measures your muscular nerve signals in detail while you perform specific movements. We use the real-time feedback from this system to help you perfect your form and complete certain therapies.


Our biodex dynamometer measures the torque that you exert in real time and allows us to set up therapeutic exercises with custom weight resistance tuned specifically to you. We use this machine for our combined analysis and therapy.

Next Level Evaluations

We provide a range of comprehensive evaluations utilizing our cutting-edge equipment, offering invaluable insights into your movement patterns, injury risk assessment, and overall performance analysis. For further details and pricing, please reach out to us via email.

Hey Runners!

We’re working on the first consumer-grade device to help runners identify running form deficiencies and signs of fatigue while running, allowing runners to adjust training before injury.

Check out the video to hear from Dr. Richard Taylor and Dr. Sean Roach about their bright vision for the future of runners.

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