Running Evaluation

Whether you’re an elite runner looking to smash the next marathon or a novice trying to improve your running times, Emergence PT can help you improve your performance while preventing injury.

We start by recording your running from all angles inside of a motion capture arena. We’ll be able to see you run & identify any issues with your running mechanics; then we will generate a comprehensive report including a stride analysis, foot & ankle assessment, pelvic shifts, and upper body movements.

Afterwards, depending on your initial assessment, you may undergo a series of strength & endurance tests on our biodex in order to identify any asymmetries or imbalances that may be affecting your running. At the end - we’ll provide you with a comprehensive personalized report for you to take home and review.

  • Improve running performance & prevent injuries
  • Motion capture analysis for personalized insights
  • Detailed reports including stride analysis
  • Strength tests to address imbalances
  • Tailored approach for runners of all levels


Here are some common questions. If anything is unclear please let us know!

Interested in learning more?
How long does the assessment take?

The full evaluation takes around 2 - 3 hours.

I am a casual runner, can I still do it?

Indeed! Our evaluation is designed for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their movement patterns and receiving precise, objective feedback on areas for improvement.