BS Physics

Chief Science Officer

Cooper Boydston

Cooper is a native Oregonian and grew up exploring the forests, rivers, mountains, and beaches of our beautiful state. He had an early interest in science and technology, learning programming and electronics as a teenager. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics from the University of Oregon. After graduating he took a position at the UO’s Institute of Neuroscience, where helped build and run Marjorie Woollacott’s Motor Control Lab using full-body 3D motion capture, force plates, 16 channel EMG, 256 channel EEG and other equipment primarily to help understand balance impairment in older adults children with cerebral palsy. He put his programming proficiency to use analyzing various forms of human data and collaborating on many studies.

Cooper has long had a deep interest in fractal geometry, both analysis of naturally occurring fractal phenomena and generation of aesthetic fractal images. He has been particularly inspired by fractal strange attractors and how these may be related to repetitive human motions such as running and walking. More recently he has collaborated to synthesize these diverse interests into Project Dasein where he has a patent pending for a wearable device that will give users feedback on their movement patterns and help to improve performance and reduce injury.

Cooper was Chief Science Officer at Tensegrity Physical Therapy for 7 years where he gained clinical experience before moving to Redmond to help establish Emergence Physical Therapy. Here at Emergence Cooper is building his dream facility to explore all forms of human motion and help others reach their highest potential.