Founder & Physical Therapist

Sean Roach

Sean is the founder and owner of Emergence Physical Therapy Strength and Running Performance Center in Redmond, Oregon. The facility is a culmination of 37 years in the health care industry. The current practice is an emerging process that combines equally the best elements of science, psychology, wellness and a philosophy of human nature. The overall philosophy of the clinic is one which attempts to understand humans as a product of their unique biology, physical and genetic constitution. In addition to the physical aspects, humans need to be understood in terms of their culture and moment of history in which they find themselves immersed.

It is only through a combination of an appreciation for all the above components that a probability of greater success exists in helping individuals meet their individual goals of finding a balance of health and wellness.  The ability to exist in balance necessitates an understanding that all of life is in a state of dynamic flux. All humans need to work on every aspect of their life in order to not only maintain but to thrive. This includes relying on the help of others in helping to achieve good health.